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Piper Mae Floral Set

Piper Mae Floral Set

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Wrap your bundle of joy in the Piper Mae Floral Set. Imagine a warm spring day when the flowers blossom together, and the warmth returns to your house and your hands. It is time to come out of those cosy blankets and coats and live a little. The Piper Mae Floral Set is the perfect thing for your little doll to be dressed up in as the two of you make a small picnic basket and try to find a green spot to sit.

The Piper Mae Floral Set made from 100% cotton has two components: a ruffled frock and a pair of knee-length shorts. The two-piece has a beige background with multicoloured pink and blue flowers on both the frock and the shorts. The frock has a classic round collar with cap sleeves and has ruffles from the waist down, making your little one look like a vintage floral classic.

The shorts are pleated at the hem and very comfy. The Piper Mae Floral set is for the mums who want their child to look adorable every single day.

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