About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to to offer products that caring parents, much like myself, would wholeheartedly recommend and make them easily accessible to the NZ market.

Why Whaea Aroha

Whaea Aroha represents our distinctive link to New Zealand, embodying the uniqueness that sets us apart from the rest of the world.

Te reo Māori holds a significant place in New Zealand's history and future, being one of the country's official languages. We believe in its continued celebration while honoring its rich ancestry.

The term "Whaea Aroha" comprises two Maori words, loosely translating to "loving mother". I chose this name with the intention of reflecting our mission whilst understanding the importance of our connection to New Zealand and it's culture.

We are inclusive of everyone and, beyond judgement, a big part of the Māori culture. We aim to help everyone provide the best for their their little Whānau.

About Us

In 2020, during my pregnancy with my daughter, Riley, I encountered challenges in finding unique and precisely tailored products for her and her nursery within New Zealand. After extensive research, I discovered some beloved small global brands that aligned perfectly with my preferences.

Inspired by the desire to make these exceptional brands more accessible to the New Zealand market, Whaea Aroha was born.

We are passionate about supporting small businesses, both local and global, fostering their growth and expanding their reach into wider markets, all while maintaining reasonable prices.