Bib styles for every occasion

Bib styles for every occasion

Here at Whaea Aroha, we stock a large range of bib types, from the standard Bandana to the hyped Silicone catch bibs, we have them all for you. But we understand that sometimes, everything baby related can feel pretty overwhelming. So here is a little quick guide to different style bibs that we sell and how they can be used for you and your bub.

Teardrop Bibs 

Our teardrop bibs are one of our best selling bibs because of the shape across the neckline. The teardrop bib sits flat across the collarbone so no bunching up around the neck like the bandana bibs do. This makes them more universal and work great if your baby stuffers from Eczema or irritation to the skin.

These bibs are slightly smaller in size to the round and rounded bandana style bibs so are perfect for drool and feeding. We have a range of different prints and backing on these bibs vary from fleece, toweling and PUL (essentially what nappies are made of). These all make for a super absorbent and stylish bib for your little one.

Round Bibs

Our round bibs are essentially what we call our Dinner bibs. These cover a large surface area and sit flat across the collarbone, which makes them a popular feeding bib.

They come in a range of prints and generally we only use toweling for the backing of these bibs. That makes them absorbent and comfortable for your baby. They only have one size clip and we usually recommend use from 5 months+.

Silicone Bibs

Silicone bibs have definitely been all the rage the last few years for feeding bibs. With the handy cleaning and front pocket for any food that is dropped, they make feeding your little one fast and easy. These bibs are made from food grade silicone and are BPA free.

Other than keeping your baby’s clothes clean whilst eating, we love these bibs as they are super easy to clean as well! Just pop them in the sink and wash in soapy water, then dry! No more mess, no stains and you can use it again for the next feed.


Bandana Bibs

If you have had a quick look at our bibs page, you will see we have two different styles of bandana bibs, one with a square point and one rounded. There is no major difference between these bibs as they both sit the same and are primarily used for drool/dribble.

Bandana bibs have a thicker band around the back to the clip, which allows them to sit higher and cover the whole neck. This is so that the bib will catch any drool and stop it from slipping down the neck to potentially cause dribble rash. We have a range of prints that have a toweling backing to be super absorbent to catch all that baby drool.

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